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Recursive DNS

So, you need both authoritative and recursive DNS for your infrastructure. For this particular occasion, I will be using Pi-Hole. I’ve considered using PowerDNS as well for my recursive DNS but the ad-blocking for pi-hole is nice for when I tunnel IP’s around without the ads 😉

Again, fairly simple setup. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS cloud image ova. Made a VM from the template I had, assigned it the proper portgroup and gave those VMs the static addresses they needed (dual-stacked, of course), updated my authoritative DNS servers with those records. After all those prep-work, all I had to do was run a simple one-liner script from pi-hole to set it up

curl -sSL | sudo bash

Just follow the prompts, if everything goes well you will be presented with the password for login on the admin account.

I setup my pi-hole by allowing it to use several upstream DNS servers over IPv4 and IPv6 to ensure proper DNS resolution and connectivity.

That’s it for the recursive DNS servers!

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