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Uptime(or downtime) Monitoring

This is an easy one. Don’t host uptime monitoring on your own infrastructure 😂

I use Uptime Kuma to monitor my services to make sure they are on the up and up. I also get this for free, by using an Oracle Cloud Always Free x86 instance, which is Ubuntu server on an Epyc node with 1/8 of a core and 1GB of ram, some abysmal bandwidth, but just enough for Uptime Kuma! All you need to do is register to use the Oracle Free Always Free instance and create a x86 instance with the always free image. You can also get ARM instances for free as well on this Oracle Cloud offering.

I went with the bare metal install method, instead of docker, for Uptime Kuma. Then I slapped an instance of Caddy web server in front of Uptime Kuma to proxy it to the internet so I’m not exposing unwanted ports. White-listed and de-limited the Oracle cloud VPS IP and let it fly. I do have to note that, Oracle cloud does not give ipv6 by default when you initially create the instance. You can, however, enable free ipv6 for your instance under some menus. If there’s more interest I can do a small write up on the Oracle Cloud Always Free instance.

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