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SoYouStart Dedicated Server

SoYouStart(SYS) is a subsidiary under OVH. They are no strangers to people. However, during the holiday time, they had a no-setup fee special for monthly subscriptions. You usually only get the server without setup-fees if you did multi-month subscriptions. I was able to get a SYS-1-SAT-32 instance during the final days of the sale.

The specs on papers are

Xeon D-1520 4c/8t, 32GB RAM, 4x2TB SATA HDD. 250Mbit unlimited Bandwidth, IPMI is extra.

A lot of people have had luck with the SYS-1 systems in France. The luck various from. CPU Upgrade to Xeon D-1521, 1Gbit or even 10Gbit WAN port, 4x4TB HDD, Free IPMI. They did have some stock in France for this deal but I chose the much harder to get, and much more desirable for me, Canadian location.

I took a chance on the SYS-1 systems because I needed some good offsite storage and also the ability to run a few other virtual machines. I was able to get the box with the following specs,

Xeon D-1520 4c/8t, 32GB RAM, 4x2TB SATA HDD, 1 Gigabit, Free IPMI. Bought a handful of IP for a one time price.

Pretty good deal I’d have to say!

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